Specimen Zero APK 2024 (Latest Version) v1.1.1 Free Download

It is horror game application with a lot of suspension. This an Arcade game is consisting of enormous dark area which may be hospital, scary room, secret building and etc. Moreover, your main goal is to escape from horror place because you will only find death there. Beside, this application is reliable, flexible for users along variety of spooky sound and relevant horror graphic. If you love horror and dark adventurous game along will ton of tricks and tips to escape, then Specimen Zero is specially for you. Therefore, stay with me, we will explore more about this game application.

What is Specimen Zero?

Specimen Zero is an android application for horror game where you are supposed to escape from unknown scary place because plenty of monsters are ready to kill you at any cost. Thus, carefully without making loud noise, keep eyes on every side and try to escape with a lot of challenges and tricks. Moreover, collects items to defense against monster. Additionally, spooky sound also plays a Vitol role to enhance horror and fear in a game. Furthermore, solve puzzles which will give you clue to get out from hunted place. Apart from that, you can play this amazing horror game with a multiple player as well. Likewise, you can select your character i.e. male or female. So, why you are wasting your time? Hurry up, download this game right now and enjoy horror adventures game.

Features of Specimen Zero:

Specimen Zero is appealing application for horror games with frightening noise, dark huge mysterious area, with plenty of monsters and your aim is to get out from that hunted and dangerous place with smart tricks. Let’s go through some key features of this platform.

A Pleasant horror game:

Do you love to test your courage? If yes, then must play Specimen Zero right now. As, This application is full of terrifying items that you will find in an escaping pathway. Moreover, the game is full of secret along dark and ghostly sounds. Likewise, in order to get out from dangerous area, player require a lot of items like keys, medicines, and much more. What’s more, be quite and move slowly, in this way you will not be noticed by monster. Enjoy adventure and horror game with your friends.

Search Around:

Likewise, you are free to move in a frighten place. Also, you can pick different items as well but be selective to use them. Wait for a right time to use a respective item.

Different level & multiplayers:

Moving further, amazing feature of Specimen Zero is Different level availability. Levels includes practice, easy, normal, hard and nightmare. Moreover, enemies move normal in a normal level and resources are bandages, batteries and ammo. Also, limiting hearing range for enemy. Thus, harder level be difficult as compare to easy and normal. Apart from all these, you can play this game with friends with a lot of scary fun.

How to download & install Specimen Zero APK?

The most exciting news for user is that this application is totally free for you. So, enjoy unlimited horror adventure game with your friends and all around the world. Let’s go through installation algorithm of this app.

  • Visit any authentic website like ours and hit download option.
  • Before step 1, must enable “unknown source” from setting of an android.
  • When your downloading Apk file is ready, tap to install which will be done in few jiffies.
  • Open the Specimen Zero app and start play scary games with a lot of fun
  • Enjoy the application.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q.1 How do I find keys in Specimen Zero?

Ans: Very easy, you will find keys via solving puzzles.

Q.2 How do I use weapons in a Specimen Zero?

Ans: You will get weapon via click on different items.

Q.4 What language does Specimen Zero support?

Ans: English, Portuguesa, Francais, Deutsch and more.

Q.5 Is Specimen Zero an online game?

Ans: Yes. It is an online horror game.

Q.6 Can I play Specimen Zero on PC?

Ans: Of course, you can.


In short, if you are lover of horror game with greater adventure, then Specimen Zero is for you. Moreover, you can play with a multiplayer without any fee. Besides, it offers different levels.

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