Lajoo Pixel Game APK (Latest Version) v1.2.0 Free Download

 If you are looking for a car racing game with a huge list of features and attributes, then you must have this perplexing game. Yes, the Lajoo Pixel Game is here to entertain you and help you in getting rid of action games. This game is very entertaining due to its features. I am sure you will enjoy the game by adding your creativity by customizing cars and experiencing realistic stuff such as landscapes and urban streets, its sound effects, and more. 
Have a look at the below lines to know more about this magical car racing game.

What is the Lajoo Pixel Game?

This car racing game is a gift from developers to all those people who love driving and learn and polish their driving skills. Yes, Lajoo Pixel Game is one of the top-rating and most downloaded car racing games on the internet today. The game is admired by players from all the corners of the world and they are happy with its features as well.

This car racing free Android game is the best choice to enhance your driving skills as well. Moreover, the game is very attractive and provides you best option to enjoy your free clocks. Now you can enjoy the race in Urban streets and landscapes. The game gives you real experience with its realistic gaming sounds, graphics, and the natural view of tracks. 

Additionally, you are able to unlock premium features by scoring more. More score lead you to more premium features. These premium feature will make your game more attractive and unforgettable. To win the game you will get assistance from the maps as well. The best thing about this game is that you can paly the game in multi-palyer mode and in solo mode. This will be more fun by playing the games with friendds and family. Makeup your mind to challenge your friends and family in the free Android game. 

Download Lajoo pixel game for free on your device and give your best to unlock all the premium features with your high score. 

What are the stunning features of the Lajoo Pixel Game?

Lajoo Pixel Game is a pack of car racing games, where you will get well-structured racing games along with a huge collection of cars. The game is friendly to download on Android versions and free to install. This racing game has bundles of features that will help you to play and enjoy new games. Let’s have a look at some of its key features in the below lines before going to download it. 

  • You can customize your car.
  • Upgrade your car and increase the speed.
  • Huge variety of maps.
  • Enjoy the race in urban streets and landscapes.
  • Stunning graphics.
  • Unique game design.
  • Realistic background and music.
  • Many racing cars.
  • Get unlock rewards.
  • Enjoy multi-mode games.
  • No registration or subscription required.
  • No ads.
  • Stream free.
  • Play the game in multiplayer mode.
  • 3D settings and more.
  • And many more hidden features are waiting for you.

How to download Lajoo Pixel Game?

If you want to enjoy this racing game on your Android you can download it now for free. This app is very simple to download and play. This is the perfect game to enjoy new games besides the action games. To get this free car racing game on your Android start to follow the below steps. These steps will lead you to easy, quick, and free installation as well.

  • Go to the top of the page, press the download button, or tap on downloading link to start the download.
  • Wait and let the download complete.
  • Allow new apps on your Android from security settings.
  • Now install the game.
  • Enjoy the race.


Lajoo Pixel Game is finally here to help you in killing your dull life with its appealing features and also provide you help in polishing your driving skills. The app is just perfect for all those who love car racing games. This game is a full pack of tempting features. In a nutshell, the app is a jewel in the crown. You will experience realistic visuals, high-quality graphics, and smooth and real game sounds. Moreover, you are open to customizing your car by painting it in your favorite color and upgrading it to boost speed as well. So, give your best to win the games and collect more rewards. Check out more new games on

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